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Gift Guides for the Shredders in your life

So the holidays are just around the corner and I'm sure you're wondering what kind of gifts to purchase for that surf-crazed family member or partner. Well fret no more. I'll hook you up with my recommendations and link you to some surf-related products that I find very useful. Remember that the sales will all begin on Black Friday and last through the new year, so click around and find the best deals. I gave you mostly Amazon links to the items, but there might be better deals to be had if you seek them out. Happy Holidays everyone!

Jebshred's Surf Gift Ideas

Also, check out the Surf N Show "2020 Favorite Finds" Gift Guide from Noel Salas below... I really enjoy his product reviews and surfboard testing. He's a great surfer and a solid human being, working hard to give back to the surf community. Keep keeping me stoked Noel!


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