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REVIEW: Isurus 222 Zipless

I have been very comfortable this summer wearing my new Isurus 2mm Zipless full suit. The water temps haven't gone above 69 degrees and are now getting down into the upper 50's. I honestly barely notice that I even have a wetsuit on with this Isurus suit. Normally with water in the upper 60's and warm air, I'd wear just a 2mm long-sleeve top with a pair of trunks. But the 2.2 zip-free full suit, with its form-fitting compression technology is more comfortable than wearing boardshorts. I basically feel like Batman out there in this high-tech surf armor.

The rubber itself is super soft and there didn't seem to be any leakage through the neck and shoulder entry area, as these type of zipless suits often do. The legs are a little leaky for me though, probably because I have skinny chicken legs. I should've ordered the LT instead of the XL size. XL is not really cut for dudes on the skinnier side. The rubber is so stretchy on this 2mm that you can size down one size no problem. It's made from Yamamoto rubber. No, that's not a motorcylce part, it's a rubber that is derived from Limestone and is over 99.7% calcium carbonate compared to petroleum based. So in some ways this suit is better for the environment. But regardless of the materials, the overall performance of this wetsuit is outstanding.

Isurus is not a huge company and it seems like they are just now stocking up on inventory. I did have to wait several MONTHS to receive my order. In all fairness they warned me that they were restocking and they wouldn't have my suit ready to ship for at least a month. I decided to order anyway because I was also ordering their 333 model, which is an all-over 3mm with a hood. After a few emails and several weeks of waiting, I received my shipment... and it was wrong. They had sent me two of the same suit. There was no 333 in the shipping box. Not to worry, the water was warming up and I wouldn't need the 3mm with hood until the fall. After calling Isurus on the phone, they sorted things out quickly and overnighted me the correct suit. So in the end, no big deal. If you're looking for something more corporate with a customer service rep, then go with a known brand suit. This wetsuit manufacturer Isurus is small, but I think they're making the best wetsuits out there right now... and that says a lot since I surf the cold waters of the Northeast and have a quiver of wetsuits from the big dogs like Rip Curl, O'Neill, Xcel, and Body Glove.

UPDATE October 2018: Water temps are now in the mid to upper 50's and I'm still toasty in my 2mm Isurus! (I have worn my 3mm boots to keep my feet warm in the mornings)

Isurus 2.2 Specs

- Wetsuit Temperature Range: 56° – 67° F

- 100% Japanese Neoprene from Yamamoto

- Zipless Entry System

- Compression Wetsuit with Kinesiology based MST Muscle Stabilization Taping

- Closed Cell Ultra Light (Doesn’t Absorb Water)

- Quick Drying – 98% Hydrophobic

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