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Surf Reject

Playing around again with my old friend Final Cut Pro... how many can say they've been using it since version 1??? I'm not admitting that I miss my job, but it does feel good to use the tools now and again, even if it's just for fun. I've never considered myself a serious editor, but I've trained plenty of them! In this video I'm riding a trio of VEC specialty surfboards. The music, color, and surfing performance reflect the solitude of being a south shore surfer. While my skillset is far from team level, I do appreciate that Shawn still takes the time to make me boards. Stoked!

VEC Board #1 - 7'6 Singlecut w/ AU single fin

VEC Board #3 - 6'2 Cod Fish w/ B. Merrick twins

I broke that twin fin on my birthday back in December. It looks like it's almost ready for pick-up from repair. Hope you're surfing where you are!


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