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Love Letter Edit

I was cleaning out my computer because it kept giving me notices that my hard drive was getting full. I then noticed that the raw video footage from my SoloShot3 was taking up 384GB of space! So I combed though it all, and I put together a short edit compiling the best clips.

This video edit encompasses the entire short life of my SoloShot3 GPS camera. I didn't use it a whole lot, mainly because it was a pain in the ass, without much reward. The clips were rarely in-frame or focused properly, if at all. But I did manage to capture some fun moments here and there. Paired with this hipster love song by Dreamers, along with too many dissolves and supers, the edit is a love letter to the ocean, and my warning to you... don't buy a SoloShot3 GPS camera, they're more frustrating than they're worth.

I hope everyone has a Happy Valentines Day! If you're single, don't fret. Think about the money saved, and how the Sale chocolate is all for you.

Music Artist: Dreamers

Song: L$D

Record: Brainless

Released on: 9-24-21

Producer: Nick Wold Studio

Personnel, Mixer: Lucky West Composer

Lyricist: Rakim Mayers Composer

Lyricist: James Scheffer Composer

Lyricist: Hector Delgado Composer

Lyricist: Michael Mule Composer

Lyricist: Isaac De Boni Composer

Lyricist: Michael Burman

℗ 2021 Fairfax Entertainment Group


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