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Just ONE Lip Smacker

I made a couple of quick vertical vlogs recently. I originally created them for Instagram and Twitter followers, but here are some full-size HD versions for my website audience... Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel, I'm going to be building that up over the next few months.

Setting Goals in Terrible Conditions I live on the east coast. There are consistent rideable waves where I live, but they're mainly bad for surfing. So how do you make bad surf fun? One way is to set a smart goal for each surf session, and then compete against yourself. It's important to set a measurable goal, not some subjective bar you can't really prove. I use the Dawn Patrol App on my Apple Watch a lot of times, like, "Ride 3 waves longer than 50 yards" and then I can track the stats from the app to see if I achieved that goal. But if you don't have a watch with surf tracking capabilities, then your goals can be simpler, like I do in my example below (ex: "Hit 1 Lip"). It's important to have reasonable expectations to match your skill level, so don't set goals to blast airs if you're incapable of blasting an air. And again, it's got to be MEASURABLE or it's not a SMART GOAL. No "Surf Fast" or "Have a great session". Those are great action mantras, and can help you achieve your smart goal, but you can't really measure these things... surfing fast for one person is slow for another. So just stick to the statistical goals that can be verified. Enjoy the vlogs, sorry about all the F bombs. Hope you're surfing where you are!

Always have a SMART GOAL for every surf session... one that can be measured!

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