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Catching Close-Outs

Larry will offer up some steeper waves for beaches taking a direct hit from his swell. A lot of spots won't handle that energy well. But if you're out of the beginner range and consider yourself an intermediate to advanced surfer, then you have the ability to ride walled-up waves that have a propensity for closing-out. You just need good positioning, strong paddling, and a quick takeoff. And if you choose wisely, you just might get a few amazing rides. Just please try to hold onto your board on the inside!

Here's a great video from East Coast pro surfer Brett Barley talking about late drops. It's not all big waves either, he spends at least half of his vlog post using small wave examples.

Hope you're ready to shred some Larry Swell. I think it's going to begin hitting our beaches on the South Shore this afternoon with some knee-thigh surf before dark. Keep an eye on the Nantasket Forecast and check the Northeast Surf Hull Cam for more details about Wed-Thur-Fri-Sat. I think most of the waves from Larry will be gone by Sunday morning.

So go get it!

To get you amped while you pass the time waiting, here's some more Brett Barley Vlog where he and his OBX crew shred TS Henri swell.


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