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Sub-Tropical Storm Melissa

A nor'easter turned sub-tropical storm stirred up some fun-sized surf in the North Atlantic over the Indigenous Peoples' Day weekend. We don't celebrate that mass-murderer in the state of Massachusetts, but we still get the day off in his honor. This year that day off lined up with rideable waves in Nantasket, and I took full advantage.

What started off as an early season cold front pushing out into the Atlantic, quickly became a cock n balls weather event known as Sub-Tropical Storm Melissa. Her origins and path into the North Atlantic is demonstrated in this most excellent diagram generated by the National Hurricane Center. Saturday was blown to smithereens in Nantasket and victory-at-sea conditions persisted. But on Sunday morning the winds began to change and that mess became groomed goodness. All the east-facing beaches took a head-on from Melissa on Saturday. I scored several overhead racetracks on my 6'1 Lost V3 Round It. I also tested out my new Apple Watch with the Dawn Patrol and Sessions by Surfline Tracking Apps. Then, on Monday smaller, but still fun-sized waves persisted until finally winding down around noon. I scored more than one touchdown on my 9'6 Christenson Bandito ending in a short tube ride formed on the inside section.

The water temps were in the upper 50's but it was a huge difference when the sun was out. I wore my super stretchy 3/2 O'Neill Psychofreak with 3mm boots on Sunday morning, but I actually had to paddle in to put on my Body Glove 3mm Beanie because I was getting brain freeze from all the duck-diving. On Monday morning I opted for no cap or hood, and I got away with wearing my zip-free 2mm Isurus fullsuit with 3mm boots, mainly because the sun was out and the air temps were up in the 60's. I mostly wear the booties in October just to get used to wearing them again before it becomes mandatory. But winter is approaching and I know I'll be in my thicker hooded suits soon enough. I purchased some brand new rubber to review this season as well, so stay tuned for that!

Below are a few snapshots from the beach before paddling out Sunday and Monday... and my surf stats from the watch. I hope to have an article and review on Surf Tracking Apps later this month. Also check out the new release "Gigantic Sike" from Mean Jeans, I'm digging their new record on Fat Wreck Chords. If you not into punk rock, well, the loss is yours ;P

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