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Threading the Needle

Finally! February brings us a clean day of swell and I'm healthy enough to surf! This was my first proper session after being out of the water for six weeks. As I was setting-up the camera, I knew I'd need to connect a wave across the stairs in order to have a shot at threading the needle through the life preserver. I know, not as cool and unique as a Ben Gravy novelty wave, but definitely geezer-level dad-joke cool. When I saw this wave coming, I just turned and popped-in, with no paddling. It's the wave of the season so far, and right through the bullseye!

I added all of the shots from that session to the February gallery below... plus, here's a clip of my single-fin trek across the sandbar, and into the target. I shared the clean waves with my neighbor Koa and my old shaper Gee Rainbow. It's always fun splitting peaks with that old geezer! As I get more February screenshots, I'll add 'em here. Hope you're surfing where you are.

February so far...


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