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summah times

It's officially summer conditions on the South Shore, and it seems like every day is ankle high, or flat. We did have a bump as we ended out June, peaking at about chest high on the sets in Nantasket. I managed quite a few rides, on three sessions, over two days, and passed the 365 mark for this calendar year in the middle of session two. The local beaches were packed by noon, so early mornings were a lot more enjoyable. I surfed the end of my street with just one other person out.

I also heard New Hampshire was overhead, which was tempting, but I was tied up in the middle of home improvement and couldn't spare a day to drive North. As we head towards the month of July there doesn't seem to be anything on the horizon for these parts, other than ankle-slappers. Can we fast-forward to fall already?! If these small to flat conditions persist, I'm definitely road-tripping in the near future. Hope you're surfing where you are.


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