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Feature Story Update

This feature story was produced by Jake Watts from Carlsbad, CA in 2019. It was part of a project for his Broadcast Journalism class during a student exchange program between his school and Norwood High. Being a surfer, he found it interesting that I surf in the winter here in the Northeast. The story has been recently updated with actual surfing footage from New England (since it was flat for the entire week Jake visited during the student-exchange and he was unable to get his own footage).

I still think Jake's editing is a bit dramatic, like I died or something, but he does do a nice job of telling my story about where I'm from and how I became a cold-water surfer. Thanks Jake!!! He told me he was trying to emulate the style of an e:60 story from ESPN. Hahaha. I could only wish I was worthy of a story on that program.


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