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Over the Hump #TBT

the session where I tweaked my back

Throwing it back to this session from last March where a string of new injuries began... as I was attempting to return from a previous injury that kept me out of the water for a couple of months. So far for 2024, I've caught a bunch of waves... but the numbers have come in big clumps, with long gaps in between sessions, due to multiple issues. But it all started with this session on March 5th, when I aggravated my lower back, and then kept surfing for a few more days. The waves were super-fun during that stretch, check out March of Many blog for details.

This quick edit was assembled on Final Cut Pro in 1080p, optimized for Instagram (hence the square-shaped landscape). The song is by The Riverdales - Boy in a Plastic Bubble #TBT

I'm happy to say that I'm back in the water again, and had a couple of pain-free sessions earlier this week as that small ENE swell trickled-in to Central Florida. And I did a much better job on the rest and recovery afterwards, not triggering anything new in the process. So I'm raring to go... and just in time for the flat season! But it's also the beginning of the 2024 Hurricane Season, and it has been forecast to be a busy one. Will the summer flatness be disrupted by tropical storm surf? How will la nina change this year's outcomes? I'm honestly not sure. Hopefully, we'll get some storm swell without any major landfalls. With up to twenty-five storms predicted, we'll certainly have our chances. ALSO, don't forget to stock up on supplies for your Hurricane Kit, this week is tax-free on items related to storm preparation.

OK, that's all I got for now. Hope you're surfing where you are!


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