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October was a fall feast of waves, and I never left my own neighborhood. I've not ever had this many rides in a non-summer month without leaving the east coast. It's been small, but really fun at times. My hips and lower back are on fire from all of the pop-ups and take-offs in sub-waist high conditions. But, it looks like we're going to get a little break here before things pick up again... so my lower half will hopefully get the recovery it needs to be ready.

I've been trying to score rides using slimmer equipment lately, experimenting with a new Black Dart construction, seeing how short and thin I can go on some of my wider fish and small wave shapes. I'm not a huge eps/epoxy guy, and after some trial and error the past few years, I've determined that I do like the LibTech construction, a lot. So I was curious to compare that to the Black Dart tech. The early verdict is that I like these Black Darts a bunch, so look out for a full breakdown coming out soon in a future post. Until then, enjoy an incredible smorgasbord of pictures from the past few sessions in Nantasket.

I can't get enough of this band...


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