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May Day Sessions

Super fun sessions today... the water was still very chilly, but the sun was out and I got some good ones during my second session using my Lost Puddle Fish. This is my favorite fish design from Lost. While I haven't ridden the newer RNF, I do like the Puddle Fish better than the Hydra. I ride my PF slightly oversized and heavier glassed in order to compensate for all the rubber I wear between December and April. This is my go-to winter fish. It can ride it in anything between 2ft and 6ft. I primarily use it as a thruster with Rob Machado Tri Keels, or I sometimes go with the MR Twin Fins + trailer. I wore a 4/3 Rip Curl Flashbomb with no boots, gloves, or hood.

While I had three sessions today, I only managed pictures for one. The SoloShot is back to acting like a piece of junk and wouldn't keep in-frame.

I'm hoping we have a more active than usual summer season. Fingers crossed. Hope you're catching waves where you are!


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