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Marching Towards Spring

It's not very warm in March for most of the month. And with just a week remaining, average air temperatures have only just begun to rise into the 40s-50s. We started off pretty cold. My first session this month was below freezing, with plenty of wind. The second session, about the same. Honestly, I'm over the cold for this season, and the last two paddles into the Atlantic felt more uncomfortable than fun. The brain freeze got so intense, that I found myself getting angry with mother nature. With every duck-dive that I plunged my head under water I got more and more annoyed.

So I haven't surfed since the 10th. I've passed on several wind-blown sessions with fair to mediocre conditions. I just wasn't feeling it, and that's ok. Sometimes you just aren't stoked. But I think I'm out of my funk now. I've been eyeballing the forecasts and not seeing too much to be excited about... a few days could offer up a decent session if the winds would just give us a break. There are some places in town that offer up some protection from the wind, so I may have to venture off G Street. I might even take a drive south to Horseneck or RI.

I did manage to get a few really good rides in those first two sessions, and I think I'll get a chance at a few more. Shoutout to my man Colin, team G Street, also featured in the pictures... the dude is an eskimo and handles cold better than most! I'll add more photos when and if I get them.

MARCH GALLERY Updated 4/1/23

Also, I published a new Spring Mix on Apple Music. A lot of folks have been asking about the track from the Love Letter edit that I cut back on Valentine's Day, so I included another song from that artist, as well as a few others I've been jamming to... hope you're surfing where you are!

track #6


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