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Horsing Around

I drove down to the south coast to try and get a surf at Horseneck Beach yesterday. But honestly, I should've went to Newport in Rhode Island. I thought I'd avoid the Rhode Island crowds. And while I did at least accomplish that, the waves were pretty weak and the sandbars were funky. The incoming south wind swell showed a bit of promise on the internet, for south-facing beaches in New England. But like a lot of forecasts during the flatter times, it was simply an over-sell probably driven by retail and e-commerce. The wind was favorable when I arrived, and since I did do the 90-minute drive, I thought I should at least paddle out and try to get a few.

The swell was definitely showing, but when sets came through they quickly fizzled out after an initial peaking. Most waves that I paddled for went like this... paddle for what looked like a nice wall, catch it, drop in, drive real slow, and watch it fizzle out in front of me. Some of the bigger waves looked like they would let you make the inside section. I only managed a handful. Pretty disappointing overall, but on the positive side, the sun was out and I still got a couple of lip smackers and turns, riding a shortboard, in sub waist high conditions... so I'll take that as a win.

I convinced the wifey to come hang on the beach in the freezing cold weather and snap a few pictures and videos. I posted her gallery below, and a video of three weak sauce waves that she recorded on her phone. My wife is truly my biggest fan, and I'm super lucky she's mine. Thanks for coming along! Hope you're surfing where you are. Send me emails

My go-to small wave winter groveler is an over-sized Lost Puddle Fish 6'3 x 22 x 2.75

Stats are looking good for 2022 so far despite my beach being pretty flat since the new year.... Currently at 175 rides in 17 sessions. I'm headed back to CR in April, stoked!


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