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Hitting Rock Bottom

Slab slaying in a hooded 5/4, Mason Ho wears his Rip Curl Flashbomb wetty in the North Atlantic not just for warmth, but for protection. The vertical drops he's able to manage, in full winter armor, is beyond impressive. I honestly can't believe he paddled out for a second session, or that his board was even still surfable. The Ding Reporting For Duty segment was fun to watch on this one. I can't wait for the next episode where Mason drops the GoPro 10 footage from these two slab sessions. He only makes it out of a handful of the rock bottom barrels, but I'm sure his views were incredible... again, this guy is by far the Most Interesting Surfer in the World. I'll post each episode as they premiere, here's The Teaser to wet your appetite. Enjoy.


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