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Hace Mucho Calor

The heat and humidity have been formidable on this trip down to Costa Rica, so it's been most comfortable in the shade. It's been hot. Like really hot. I felt like I was sweating even while I was in the ocean surfing yesterday. I'm extremely aware of my proximity to the equator right now. But despite the heat, it's been a good time here in September. The entire world goes back to school this time of year, so until the holiday season begins things are a little more chill on the beaches, and in the lineups of Guanacaste. I've been surfing the normal spots alone or with just a few people out in the mornings.

Looking ahead, there's a decent sized SSW forecast for this weekend and it should hold for a few days. I've still got a week until I'm back in the states and just a few more things to wrap up while I'm here. Well, that's all I have for now. I hope you're catching waves where you are!


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