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Firing on the 4th

I honestly cannot remember the last time my beach had surf on the 4th of July that was bigger than waist high. I am out of town a lot for this holiday, so I could be wrong. But since Surfline has recently changed the description of Nantasket Beach to "The area is totally shut out from most surf..." I feel the need to outright brag. I guess I once again just imagined the rippable waves that manifested on my beach this past holiday weekend. I do that a lot... imagine waves... like 500+ waves a year's worth. Hahaha. I guess I do surf alone on most days, so I shouldn't complain too loudly. I do however feel like I'm subsidizing the Surfline experience for California surfers. They get accurate forecasts, timely updates, and a freaking camera pointed at all of their spots... where they can go home and find their waves on replay. So don't get me started on that topic! But while we didn't have perfect wind conditions the past few days, we did have a fun wind swell sneaking into the east and north facing beaches. Here are a few less-than-stellar iphone shots posted in the gallery below... sorry I'll do better next time.

I didn't get a ton of surf pictures on the 4th, and I got zero video due to a SoloShot camera malfunction. But I was busy catching thirty-four waves, so give me a break. I actually caught more waves on the 4th of July than the entire month of June... and that includes a trip to Costa Rica! I also continued my experimentation with a new summer quiver, built by Shawn Vecchione of VEC Surfboards. I'm going to dedicate a future blog to breaking down my new VEC sticks, I just want to tryout a few more fin set-ups. So far I'm having a blast with this pair of boards, a longboard and a fish. The idea here is that both of these shapes are built for higher performance, and are not just for going straight in the mini summer slop. I took the fish board with me to Costa Rica and tested it out on double overhead river mouth surf, as well as a few sessions in oversized closeout beach break. Amazingly, the only dings this board came from American Airlines... which I quickly had repaired in time to ride the 4th of July wind swell.

I ended up getting a lot of good rides between A and G Street. The stats for my two sessions are posted below...

Looking ahead, It's likely the south facing beaches in the area are going to have waves for the next week or so. I might take a drive down to Horseneck Beach. Stay tuned. I hope you're catching waves wherever you are... if I promised you sunglasses, they are being shipped out today! Or possibly tomorrow. HA.


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