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ALBUM REVIEW: Masked Intruder III Lowdown, Lovesick Losers Lurking Outside

Masked Intruder, III -  Released February 27,  2019

OK, so there are some punk rock critics that will tell you the whole Masked Intruder gimmick has already run its course. But has it really?? In my opinion, MI's unique mixture of doo-wop pop punk and crunchy guitar hooks still deliver a sing-a-long goodness that's well worth a listen... and any punk rock reviewer who tells you different just doesn't know how to have any fun.

The intruders third full-length effort, apply titled "III", was released on Pure Noise Records in late February. Producer Roger Lima, bassist of the veteran pop punk band Less Than Jake, teamed up with Mike Kennerty from The All-American Rejects to master a record that sounds very polished and very tight. From the opening track No Case through to the final song I'll Be Back Again Someday, the melodies, catchy lyrics, and anthemic rhythms get you smiling and singing along. The stand out tracks to me are Maybe Even and Just So You Know, but it's difficult for me to find any song on this record that I don't like. It's one of those albums you can lock it in the stereo on repeat.

One of the things I'm enjoying the most about MI's III, is the subtle 80's rock overtones. It's not surprising to me the record is mixed the way it is, Lima's never hidden the fact that all his best friends are metalheads. But the record delivers on all sonic fronts and it can be played loud while driving or if you're trying to annoy your neighbors.

Lyrically, this is one of the best MI albums measuring up to the cleverness of previous releases. Intruder Blue's boyish voice seems a perfect front for this outfit and the overall barbershop vocal style makes the songs nearly irresistible to sing along. "Just imagine, what if I was the good guy and he was the lowdown, lovesick loser lurking outside. Aside from the ski-mask, what would the difference be? You may as well kick him out and take a chance on me."

Masked Intruder is wrapping up some US dates this month before heading over to Europe through summer. Keep an eye out for some more US dates in the fall, until then, add MI's III into your playlist and go cause some mischief... just keep an eye out for that pesky Officer Bradford, you don't want him ruining your day!


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