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Solo Daze

Tracking back to my car, Nantasket, January 2019

January and February brought some fun rideable days to the South Shore with quite a few pockets of warm air. I managed to get into the ocean a couple of times, despite a very busy work schedule. There have been some winter storms that have kicked up swell. Last weekend brought overhead conditions to start off the month of March, so the Atlantic has been active

Recently, I've been testing some new gear. So without doing a full review right now, I can give you my initial impressions on the SoloShot 3 GPS camera and my new Lost Puddle Fish winter twin. Starting with the SoloShot, I was pretty excited about capturing some epic winter sessions with this thing. So far in three attempts, I've had minimal success and a ton of frustration. I've only captured a handful of waves and all of them had poor framing. My last session the camera flat out wouldn't track with the arm band. The waves were firing and I was on the beach fussing with a stupid camera. So lame. As for the 6'3 Puddle Fish... I like the way it feels as a twin fin using the MR fins + trailer. I was catching waves like a longboard and maneuvering like a shortboard. I didn't mind the weight of my 5/4 Hooded Rip Curl Flashbomb as much as I usually do when riding shortboards in the winter. So that's a plus since that's why I technically bought this board. But it's only been one session with the thick wetsuit, so I need more rides to talk about performance level.

Hopefully the rest of March will continue the trend from last weekend and I can get some quality water time while the winter energy is still around. Enjoy the pic gallery from last month. You can see some frame grabs from the soloshot... those are the BEST few stills that I could find, often times I wasn't even in-frame!

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