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FORECASTERS: El Nino is Coming

Nantasket Beach

The first noreaster of the season passed through the region this weekend. Surf was in the head high range with plenty of overhead drops. The sandbars were working a lot better with sizable surf rolling over them. Plenty of lines to race to the inside with lips to bash and float on. It was actually pretty classic conditions for this beach. But there was a ton of ducking and paddling. All the goofy dudes were watching from the beach of course. Funny how they never surf when the waves are really on... only when it's summer and we're all fighting to scratch into something rideable. Also, where you at now SUPers? Bunch of goofballs and soccer dads. So glad it's almost winter.

Some weather forecasters are saying it's a greater than 80% chance that we experience another El Nino this winter season. While that may not bode well for storms and flooding, maybe we'll get a few more rounds of fun-sized surf. This year my house has a generator, so there will be no evacuating, flooding or not. Bring it ma' nature.

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