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Slides in July

We had the rare pleasure of getting some surf above knee-high the past two days. Who says Friday the 13th isn't lucky? And Surfline was calling Nantasket flat today. Phsshhhh.

Rhode Island and all of the south-facing beaches of New England got the best of the Hurricane Chris swell on Thursday night. I was able to catch the dwindling part of this swell on Friday down at Horseneck Beach. It was clean, waist to stomach-high waves, and I pretty much had it all to myself. It was holding back just a little bit on the higher tide as the swell faded, but the drive to the south coast was well worth the effort. The water and air were both warm, somewhere in the high 60's at 5am when I paddled out.

On Friday, I was surprised to see some clean thigh-high sets coming through out front in Nantasket when I was taking my dog for a walk. So I grabbed my 9'2 and caught a few slow rollers. So slow that my watch didn't even register a few of them. The rides were shorter, but I caught a couple of peelers all the way to the beach. The water temperature was still hanging out in the mid 60's, but the sun was beaming and the air was in the 70's. Overall, it was perfect weather for some longboarding.

I think there might be some small longboard waves over the next few days, so I'm going to keep my eye on it. Problem is, the surf camps start at 9am. Oye. Little kids on softies... eventually they drift right into the good parts of the sandbar. So annoying!

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