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February Staycation

After an eventful January with winter storm Grayson, it's been a great start to my February staycation. I elected to stay put this one-week break from school to enjoy being across the street from the beach. I have been rewarded with some fun east swell the past couple of mornings. The bonus was that I had it all to myself. Not a single other surfer.

It was definitely cold on Sunday and it snowed early that morning. But all the snow melted quickly as temperatures rose and the sun came out strong. By 3pm Tuesday, outside temps were 68 degrees! I was in my 5/4 wetsuit on Monday, but It was pretty amazing to surf in my 4/3 Tuesday morning. I enjoyed the freedom of movement and as a result increased my performance level. I caught 7 waves in an hour averaging 78 yards. Lots of turns and floaters. I only scored one touchdown, but kept my distance in the 80's for most rides. I'm not sure how many more sessions my Rip Curl surf watch will work for. It's been 3 years and I fear is close to its end.

Looks like more surf is on the way, might head down to surf Horseneck later this week. Hope to see you in the water.

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