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Official Jebshred Merch

So a couple of goofballs showed up to school today wearing these Jebshred tshirts that they had made. There are currently only twenty of the limited edition designs, hand drawn by Norwood High School junior Sam Doucette.

Teaching has its many rewards and I have plenty of great memories from over the years. I'm never too sentimental, but I'l probably keep this tshirt forever. My adventure as a public school teacher has some time yet to go. With year #20 about to wrap, I just want to say that I'm so grateful to have this job and to have the privilege to work with such amazing young people. I'm very lucky.

So if we made more shirts, I'm wondering if we could sell them on this website. I could donate 100% of the profits to the NHS-TV program at Norwood High School. How does that sound?

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