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The Lost V2 Shortboard Round

I love the ...Lost V2 Round Shortboard Series. I ride it in good waves in a pair of trunks or a summer wetsuit. Once the booties go on, this board mostly goes on the rack. It's my high performance go-to board. It works in all conditions. If I still lived in Florida this would be my one-board quiver (for shortboards). I ride it in overhead Costa Rica to waist high New England slop. It thrives in shoulder to head high punchy surf. This board goes really fast.




LEVEL: Advanced


SIZE: 6'3 x 19.75

VOLUME: 33.5

TAIL: Round

FINS: FCSII 5 fin set-up

DESIGN: Red Hot. So Hot it melts snow.

I ride the V2 as a thruster. I put the Large Matt Biolas fins in there. They seem to work great. I'm NOT a huge fan of the FCSII system however. I lost a fin in Costa Rica on my first session... the fin just fell out. Yeah. So use the screws with those, don't buy into the interchangeable quick-swap hype. Honestly, If I didn't travel I'd have all my fins glassed-on.

The ...Lost V2 shortboard handles well racing down the line setting up for a turn or coming off the bottom to hit the lip. It is a speed demon but never feels out of control. There's plenty of flotation for catching waves; there must be extra volume hidden in there because you don't notice it when you are holding it under your arm. Honestly, the V2 rejuvenated my shortboard surfing. I thought I was regulated to my groveler boards because I like the extra width and volume... but this board floats and catches waves better than I ever expected.

The ...Lost high performance shape has "pro-formance" dimensions. There are "domesticated" dimensions available too for those guys that like a little more flotation. I've just found that adding too much volume to a high performance board, while it helps paddling and catching waves, sacrifices performance and works against the gliding principles that go into the shape and curve of a surfboard. I'm not in love with the fact that the industry is all volume-crazy now. Using it for more than just a reference and ratio to your weight and height is a mistake. If you're buying custom, let the shaper determine how much foam you need based on the waves you're surfing and your ability level. Don't overthink the volume. If you're buying off the rack and you're more than a beginner, don't let the salesman talk you into higher volumes, just because that's what they have in stock. Only go with high volumes in your grovelers and fish, NOT in your high performance shortboard. You don't need extra foam when the waves are good and breaking top-to-bottom. Sales guys just want to move merchandise, they don't really care if the shortboard performs for you. Either way, here's Trip from Real Watersports in Waves, NC breaking down the V2 on youtube. He does a nice job.

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