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2016 Year in Review

So 2016 sputtered out after starting with so much potential! Having had a great summer of above average surf in 2015, the winter continued to deliver in the early part of the year. I caught some really great waves in April and May but then everything changed. Summer arrived. And summer sucked big time this year. That trend continued all the way through fall and into the new year. I ended up catching 113 LESS waves than 2015 and 8 LESS surf sessions. I made a bar graph to show how it all spread out.

Year-to-Year Wave Count Comparison

From July '15 through July '16 I caught the most waves. Honestly, I had to really milk the 48 sessions I did have in 2016. I paddled out on days in July that most surfers would pass on. In the fall, the waves just weren't good, except for a few late season hurricane swells that arrived conveniently with the start of school and the varsity soccer season. I hope 2017 is better for surfing, and I hope it happens soon.

According to Surfline forecasters, the south facing beaches in Southern New England could be a little more active going into February and March. That means Newport, Narragansett and Horseneck could get some good days. If they do, I will be there.

Below are the stats from my RipCurl watch for some good days in 2016. there were no days with more than 20 waves, and I scored way less touchdowns than 2015 (100 yard+ waves). One excuse I can make is that I didn't travel enough in 2016... so those surf trip days where I rack up dozens of waves never really happened. There was just 5 days in Costa Rica and 3 days in San Diego. Not nearly good enough!

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