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Featured Artist: Dinosaur Jr

I <3 this band. It was a great show in Boston last month. J shreds the guitar and he played all the good songs from the past. It didn't hurt that Buffalo Tom was the opener. I hadn't heard some of those songs since Claire Danes and Jared Leto were doing My So Called Life. Overall, Dinosaur Jr was a super fun show. It's awesome to see I'm not the only one who still digs this music.

My first exposure to Dinosaur Jr was in college. Some guitar fanatic named Rob played me You're Living All Over Me in his apartment circa Gainesville, FL 1991. They came from the same Western Mass scene that birthed the Pixies and Sonic Youth so they had my attention. The Hendrix-level guitar playing really made them stand out and their grungy, noisy alt-pop resonated with me.

I'm thankful for Dinosaur Jr songs. Nothing about them is very traditional. I appreciate that all that noise is coming from just a three-piece, so that's why, when I play them, I play them LOUD.

My favorite Dinosaur Jr record is Green Mind

The Rank Your Records: Dinosaur Jr

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