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Throwback Thursday: Fun at the ER

This video is a serious jewel. Terrible quality, but a jewel nonetheless. Going back to the late 90s here. Art cut his thumb surfing and my girlfriend took him to the ER for some stitches. I'm glad she kept rolling tape!

Shot by Amy King on super VHS and edited on Avid using my power mac 8100. This might have been the first video I ever cut on a non-linear editing platform. No more tape-to-tape editing and control track madness! Compressed using quicktime. Music by Less Than Jake. I do have a nice copy on VHS in a drawer somewhere. Be careful, there is one pretty graphic shot of Art's wound. The quality is so bad, the impact isn;t the same as it used to be... but It might make you squirm.

Art's thumb made a full recovery. In a shift of irony, he now works in an ER as a registered nurse. I haven't surfed with him in years. I think we need a surf trip. Where you at buddy??

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