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July Below the Averages

July is almost over and it's not been a banner month for surfing. It's never a good month for surfing on the east coast in general, but usually we get some knee to waist high days in there to relieve the pent up frustration. Maybe I'm just spoiled from last July when it seems there were waves almost every day on the south facing beaches.

It's so hot outside right now, surfing would be the perfect remedy. The water temperatures are up to the mid 70's and I have officially shedded the wetsuit for the season. I'm hoping to not put the fullsuit back on again until at least October. But until then we need some waves. The summer doldrums are really kicking.

I've added a Surf Forecasting page to my website to make it easier to figure out where the waves are. Have a look: JebShred Surf Forecast Page

Here's a link to Surfline's longterm forecast for those of you who are premium members

I'm hoping August surf is better!

knee high dribble.... again!

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