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Kicking Off Summer

Summer has arrived and so has the small wave season. I'm hoping to get some fun slides in this summer here on the beautiful south shore of Massachusetts.

It's warming up pretty fast, I'm already in a 3 mil wetsuit with no booties or gloves. I'm thinking it's going to be a hot one come July, it seems a lot of places are already breaking record highs. I'm not here to stir up politics, but you might want to give that climate change talk a listen. Especially you folks down in Florida who remain pretty stubborn about it. Miami Beach just might fall into the ocean one day... does that mean my house in Davie will become beachfront property?

Silvershell Beach, Sippican Harbor, Marion, MA

I'm sure there will be plenty of flat days in July. So when there isn't anything to surf on, I hope to make use of my close proximity to the beach and my new kayak. I have a beach launch in my backyard... and there's Ram Island off in the distance with some donkeys on it for exploring. There's a picture in the blog of the two 30 year old mules. One of their names is Nancy, I can't remember the other's. The island has a house on it, owned by my landlord. The dude is a Veterinarian and a Whale Biologist. Not kidding. This is a unique place down here!

It's a nice paddle through the Sippican Harbor and Marion Boatyard. Come on down for a cruise!

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