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Welcome Back

Horseneck Right. Nobody out.


Before Facebook and YouTube there was It was a homemade website reflecting the surfing, music and politics of the jebshred lifestyle. This trailblazing little website was streaming surfing videos on the internet long before the glossy mags. Quicktime and early Mac products helped a lot. Visitors and friends were able to share and comment on pages using embed codes stolen from various websites mastered by people who actually knew what they were doing. Eventually I found iWeb. In the late 2000's the site lost momentum. Facebook and YouTube took over. Cell Phones, GoPro cameras and streaming video flooded the internet. Everyone was doing it. died in 2009.

But after seven years of silence is back! I just decided that there's a lot of noise on social media. Not here. Just the same old dude... but in a different place. The geography has changed recently. Moving to New England in 2012 after living in Florida for 39 years, the Jebshred lifestyle has evolved. Surf trunks were traded for booties and gloves. It has been challenging figuring out how to surf in my new home of Massachusetts. I also regularly catch waves in Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Maine. Now after accumulating a lot of NE surf knowledge it's time to pass it on. This site will document my cold water surfing journey seeking uncrowded lineups and a sense of True North.

Welcome to the new site!


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