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Tres Semanas De Calor

Simply saying it was hot down in Costa Rica would not appropriately describe the air temperatures that I experienced during my recent trip. Blistering, scorching, maybe boiling would better capture the experience of April, in Guanacaste region. I've rarely felt heat like that in my lifetime, and I'm from South Florida. If I wasn't inside a building or vehicle, with cold air-conditioning, I was dripping buckets. I'm pretty sure I was sweating even while surfing, in the water. But the waves were fun for my entire visit, so I can't complain. I posted a gallery from my iPhone shots, taken before and after most of my sessions... plus a few selfies, shots of my family, and the amazing Costa Rican scenery. Until next time... Pura Vida!

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Unknown member
May 06, 2022

Beautiful...especially while playing the puppets in the background!

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