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Staying Local

I've caught more than 60 waves on Nantasket Beach since April. The months of May and July were more fruitful than June with a few really fun sessions mixed in there. Historically in Nantasket, it's rare to have waves bigger than knee high in the month of July... so scoring a head-high session, along with a couple of waist high days, is more than enough to write home about. In August and September this beach can really turn on when tropical swell starts to filter in, so I'm hoping this trend of an active ocean continues.

Usually I travel in the month of July, but thanks to the Pandemic that's not happening this summer. Typically, the south facing beaches of New England have a lot more waves during these times, but I'm choosing to stay safe and local on my beach. For now, my policy is - If I can't ride my bike to surf, then it's too far. Honestly, it's been really difficult to not drive to Horseneck Beach like I normally would to catch a good south swell (I let all those knuckleheads fight it out at 2nd Beach in Newport while I ride empty waves on a beach that face a similar direction) But even though I have the Horseneck area pretty dialed-in, I'm just not leaving my town of Hull. Yeah, I'm one of those people who believes in science, and I'll trust doctors over politicians for advice on how to navigate the Covid-19 times.

As for all the people traveling to my town to visit the amazing beaches, please don't be selfish assholes. Wear your mask, don't bring plastic to the beach, and for Pete's sake throw away your trash! If you truly believe that we're all in this together, you'll do your part.

Some pics I snapped before and after sessions, along with a few taken by my awesome girlfriend Jamie. See you in the water... from a distance!


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