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Fun Fall Sessions

There have been a lot of rideable waves in Nantasket lately. Nearly every week has had a couple of quality sessions to offer up, and I've had to go nowhere but across the street to shred. I've surfed alone on most occasions. Surfline is always calling my beach Flat to 1ft, so thanks for that! But I've gotten my longboards, shortboards, fish, and mid-sizes, all in the water for at least one session each during the past two months. I'm enjoying a twin-fin setup lately and I've been trying it out on different boards, more on my discoveries in a later blog!

Last weekend, the waves were perfect waist-high. My girlfriend Jamie was walking my dog on the beach while I was longboarding on my 9'6 Christensen Bandito, and she snapped a few pics that I included below in the gallery. It's starting to get cold out, we actually had snow on Halloween. But I hope you're staying warm and catching some waves on your beach. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

October Stats - 6 Sessions 77 Waves

November Stats - 5 Sessions 44 Waves and still counting

Follow me on Instagram @jebrunt for a recent surf report. I post pictures immediately after each session.


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