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Lost in the Fog

Low Visibility, Nantasket, MA

There were some fun slides to be had yesterday and the day before. Visibility was really low due to a dense fog covering the entire Hull peninsula... so that made things interesting. But there was a fun little swell leftover from three days of hawking onshore winds. And those overhead, victory-at-sea white caps from the early week quickly transformed into shreddable waist to chest high goodness once the winds switched around. It only amounted to a couple of days of rideable surf on the south shore, but I was able to get a new lib tech version of my favorite Lost surfboard. I posted a gallery at the bottom of the blog, but the thick fog made it really difficult to get a good shot of the outside sections.

The next prospect for waves around here isn't in the foreseeable forecast, just yet, so it might be a minute until we see something above waist high again. But you never know with the east coast, things could change quickly. Speaking of surf forecasting, Nantasket Beach now has a live cam visible to subscribers of Surfline and Magicseaweed. Ronnie Lees must've sold or rented out his camera, I believe it's the same one that streams from Northeast Surfing. So annoying that it turns every :30 seconds, which makes it nearly impossible to use the Sessions function on the Surfline app. Oy. I hope you're surfing where you are!

I'm happy and all, but I'll ruin your night...


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