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Jebshred for the Dream!

I recently spent a weeklong honeymoon vacationing with my amazing new wife down in the 305. The weather in South Beach, Miami was really nice, in the upper 70's, with a brisk east wind. We stayed in a fancy elevated hotel room, with a balcony, overlooking the jetty a block away. I was actually surprised by a little shin to knee high wind swell on the very first day of our trip. There were tiny waves rolling in, over a sandbar, right in front of our beach chairs. I had to go. So with my wife's blessing, I picked up a Ben Gravy series soft top, and went out to try and catch a few.

The South Beach Surfline camera caught my best wave, thanks to my Apple Watch and their Sessions app. It was a knee high mush burger that ended happily on the inside sandbar... Jebshred for the dream! I tagged Ben Gravy on instagram. He graciously responded. So rad.

Honestly, my honeymoon surf session in Miami was so reminiscent of sessions I'd had as a grom, on these same beaches. The surf conditions were poor. But it just felt good to paddle around and take in all the nostalgia. The fruity drinks weren't too bad either. Hope you're surfing where you are!


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