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Got a Hairs Cut

I'm changing up the look ahead of my business trip to Hawaii... the folks who hired me know me as the dude on the right. But since I went all David Letterman after my early retirement from full-time school teaching, I thought they might have a problem recognizing me. So I bit the bullet after 34 months of avoiding the barber and I made the appointment at Quintino's Salon in Hull. If you live in the area, Quintino is THE townie resident. He's been here longer than anyone else I've met, and the dude is GOOD PEOPLE!

Now that I'm not a school teacher anymore, I won't get to use my dad joke as much about getting more than one hair cut. So for all the former students reading, here it is, one more time...

YOU: Mr. Brunt, did you get a haircut?

ME: No, I actually got many hairs cut, otherwise you wouldn't be able to tell

Some Meme's my students or colleagues might have created and passed around...

Homeless Man ---> Congressman

Tom Hanks Cast Away ---> Jeff Goldblum Jurassic Park

Jeff Bridges Big Lebowski ---> Richard Gere American Gigolo

If you think you're cooler than a teenager, think again. They will reduce your ass to humble quicker than you can think of something smart to reply. Don't believe me? Try substitute teaching for just one day. I've been following Sam Salem on Instagram, he's got a good comedy routine about this. OK, this blog is now way off the surf topic... let me know what you think of my new do.


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