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Go Get Some

Some choppy wind swell trickled into the Nantasket Beaches on Saturday. It was pretty terrible surfing conditions. But it had been a while, so the lady and I took a bike ride to see if we could find a decent sandbar in the Alphabet Streets. This area breaks best on a mid tide dropping, but the onshore winds were blowing at 25+ mph making the lines bumpy and difficult to navigate. I rode a 9'2 High Performance Longboard from Vec Surfboards and wore a 2 mil full suit from Isurus Wetsuits. The waves were junky, but the water felt great.

It'll still be another few weeks before the weather patterns shift around here in New England, but the South Shore should see some East and Northeast swell start to show up soon, as we approach September. Thankfully, this flatter than normal summer is almost over. But tropical season continues for another couple months, and that could position at least a few Cape Verde storms to send a good swell angle to New England. Fingers crossed.

I'm also pretty pumped to be heading back down to Costa Rica next month... so things are looking positive from a wave sliding perspective. More on that adventure to come in future blog posts.

Hope you're surfing where you are!


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