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First Blooms of Spring

I arrived home from Costa Rica on Saturday to some amazing spring time weather, as well as a small east swell. The waves were in the knee to thigh high range on Nantasket Beach, with an occasional waist high set wave here and there. I posted a gallery below. It actually felt good to be out of the heat and into the cool water. Even though I still had to wear a 4/3 with boots and gloves, I did manage to pull down the hood and enjoy some sunshine. It also looks like there's some more weather headed our way over the next two weeks, with a lot of strong onshore flow. Hopefully, we'll get in a clean up session if the winds cooperate. Average air temperatures continue to rise, ever so slowly. I'm happy spring is in full effect, and that the waves continue to trend in the rideable direction. I hope you're surfing where you are. Follow me on the gram



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