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No Waves, No Fun

I was able to score two sessions in Nantasket yesterday after a six week draught. You'd have to go back to June to find wave heights above waist high on the south shore. It wasn't a tropical storm event, or anything media-sexy, but a decent sized low was generating a lot of onshore wind flow, over a fairly large area of water. So that meant waves. Some weather forecasters were calling it a "Summer Nor’easter". And while I'd never heard that term used before, I gladly partook in its offerings.

The morning session was smaller, in the thigh-waist high range mostly, but very rideable. Then as the wind continued to blow, the afternoon got super fun and chunky, with plenty of overhead peaks to play on. All of the known spots on the peninsula had head high+ waves on Wednesday afternoon. It was classic east coast wind chop conditions. Overall very sloppy on the mid-tide, but lots of lips, floaters, and close-out barrels breaking best on the inside sandbar.

Today was forecasting the POTENTIAL for a glass-off while some swell still lingered... eh. That didn't really happen. There were some knee high+ peaks on the south end, but I decided to leave those for the learners and longboarders. For now I want to continue to ride the shorter crafts, while the water is warm and I'm not wearing a full armor of rubber. It doesn't look like there's much on the horizon for sizable waves, according to all of the surf sites. September should fair better, fingers crossed we get something sooner than later. No waves, no fun...

Hope you're surfing where you are.


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