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Getting it Good on G Street

August Stats - 6 Sessions, 34 Waves

September Stats - 8 Sessions, 80 Waves

It's not typical for me to get in the water this much in late August and September. Work usually keeps me busy during the weekdays, so if waves don't lineup on weekends it's difficult. But this year there were a ton of waves in Nantasket on the weekends... AND since I was working remotely I could run across the street and surf after work when usually it's a race to get home before dark. My better half even got in on a few dozen slides using her bodyboard. There was one morning in late September where I scored a dawn patrol session that was ALL-TIME. Proper size and shape... of course I only got one picture as I was hustling out of there to get to work. Gallery below.

Follow me on Instagram @jebrunt for a recent surf report. I post pictures immediately after each session.


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