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It's Been A While

photo: Jamie Lein

It's been a while since I last blogged... sorry about that! But there's been plenty of surf the past few months at Nantasket Beach, and also a lot of wind. I've managed a few sessions here and there but it's been cold and blown out on most days. There have been times when wind, tide, and swell all cooperated and I was able to get a few good ones, but I'm really hoping spring and summer deliver this year.

To add a twist to this year's surfing prospects, the worldwide quarantine is impacting things quite a bit. The new coronavirus has got a lot of wave riders on lockdown as beaches across the globe are being closed for surfing. The state parks in Massachusetts are still open for personal recreation even though the parking lots have been closed... and since my beach is part of that state park system, I've been able to walk across the street and enjoy a ton of east swell during the past two weeks. Since nobody can drive in and there are limited locals at my spot, I've enjoyed empty lineups for the most part.

The water is still really cold in the low to mid 40's, but the outside temps have been tolerable allowing me to get away with wearing just a 4mm hooded suit with slimmer boots and gloves. if you can catch a session with the sun out, you'll realize it's spring pretty quickly. The north winds aren't as chilly and there's no snow or ice anywhere. I'd say come on over for a surf, just keep 10 feet away, but there's nowhere for you to park. So you'll just have to stay home, look at my pictures, and wish you were here. Be well everybody!

COMING SOON... reviews for a couple of new punk records

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