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September Sessions

There is always an increase in surfable days going into September. The tropics start to heat up and the North Atlantic begins to transition out of summer. This is all great for those folks who can spend the days chasing the right tides at the right angled beaches, but for me it's back to work. So barring a few, quick, after-work sessions, I'm probably going to miss it if the waves don't land on a weekend.

But this past September, a couple of short-lived tropical swells landed close enough to the weekends that I was able to squeeze in a few sessions. Hurricanes Dorian and Humberto lit up the south facing breaks of New England quite nicely, and also gave us east and north facers a couple of windows of fun. The winds even cooperated for some fo the time so all-in-all I'd say it was a pretty good month considering how flat the summer months were. The video below the gallery was taken by my neighbor Sue, cruising on my 9'2 September 20th. The waves were mushy, in the waist high range, with semi-bumpy conditions created by a side shore wind around 10-15 mph.

The biggest day was on Saturday the 7th, thanks to Dorian. Waves were well overhead, with heavy winds, but I found a spot where you could make it out without too much trouble. It was a little bit of victory-at-sea conditions, but I caught a couple of 150 yard+ bombs that went really fast. Overall I'm pretty satisfied with September, given the massive amount of time I spent working. There might even be a session to log tomorrow morning to cap off the month, I'll add to the gallery if I snap a few shots. Hey, come up for a surf before it gets too cold! The beach condo guest room has plenty of availability!

UPDATE: Fun waves on the 30th to close out the month! Pics added

TUNES: The new Pixies album is pretty solid....

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