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Guanacaste Retreat

The waves have been ON and OFF for my trip to Guanacaste so far, but I still have time to add to the wave count before the sun sets on this Costa Rican vacation. Things started off nicely with a few sessions at Avellanas in front of Lola's. I got on it early in the AM, so the crowd wasn't too bad. The next few days the waves got bigger with the largest south swell of the year arriving on Monday and holding through Thursday. I took a boat ride out to Ollie's Point with a couple of my buddies that I grew up with in South Florida. It was quite the trek, including the driving only to find fat and un-breaking waves at the rivermouth pointbreak in Potrero Grande. This was due to a couple of factors, mainly not enough sand for the waves to break over. We checked and surfed Witches Rock... it was really bumpy and heaving closeouts. After getting sick on the boat, I decided to surf from land the remaining days. Avellanas river mouth was really fun on the low tide Thursday, that's probably the stand-out session so far for me. Nobody out and I had the right all to myself. I also caught a rare summer session on the south side of Junquillal at the wedge with GreenGO Steve. It wasn't great form, but the sun was setting and it was worth the paddle. We'll see what the next few days bring for waves, I hope to head south to Ostional and Guiones. The swell has dropped and those places seem to be the most exposed. Wind conditions and tides are also looking favorable for the next couple days to potentially get some uncrowded surf. Fingers crossed.

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