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June Boom

June 2017 has been pretty active so far if you're comparing it to most years. There have been a dozen days above waist high and the month's not even over yet. I managed to get on one day and it was quite good. I could have done without the gigantic sunfish swimming next to me and giving me a momentary heart attack. But fifteen waves in an hour and a half is a great average. You can't do that in California, it would take you four hours with those crowds. School is still in session in the Northeast until the third week thanks to a few snow days that extended the year. I could have scored three more sessions If I didn't have to go to school or travel for work,...but Denver and Nashville aren't such bad places to visit for being landlocked.

Another positive lately is that the weather has been super warm, which helped the ocean temperatures rise a little earlier than normal. I'm already in my 3/2 with no more boots and gloves. I still wear a hood, but not for warmth. I've found it to be the most efficient way to keep water out of my ears. By the end of June I'll be trunking it with a jacket every time the sun is out!

I've recently booked a vacation to Central America and I depart next week. More on that in another blog.

Oh, and I keep forgetting to ask,... is anyone interested in surfing Nova Scotia this summer? Hit me up, I'm planning a jaunt in August when there's some tropical energy from the south in the water. Should be California temps for those of you who are wimps about the cold.

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