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Winter Surfing Weekend

We finally got some swell! It had been a minute since some decent swell had landed on a weekend without any wind on it. East facing beaches in the New England area were treated to a small long period swell and calm winds. Sizes never topped shoulder high, but there were plenty of rides to be had. Here are some shots from Nantasket from Saturday and Sunday mornings coming off the high tide and dropping.

It looks like there will be really strong but junky surf arriving tomorrow evening with a ton of wind. Sizes could peak at 12-feet for the east facing beaches on Tuesday with victory-at-sea conditions. South facing beaches in Rhode Island will probably mitigate the sloppiness and have some wind protection. Wednesday could be the call as the wind eases and leftovers are still in the water.

Of course the surf calms down just in time to go flat for next weekend. Oye. Such is life. I'm glad I got two sessions in this weekend to bring my January wave count up to a more respectable number. The watch gets funky in the cold conditions and only recorded 20 waves. It completely shut off only a half hour into my session this morning. At the moment, I'm averaging slightly over one wave per day, but that won't hold for the month. I'm not sure there will be any more surf days for me in January, the weekend forecast is down. Hopefully I'm wrong. Either way, 23 waves in January isn't too bad, it's better than I did in January 2016 and 2015.

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