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First Two Weeks of 2017

2017 is off to a slow start. Surf days just aren't lining up with days off from work. There has been some spotty swell in the water here and there, but it's had a ton of wind on it with bitter cold temperatures. Lately, the sunny, offshore days seem to end up happening during the work week. It's been really frustrating. Bottom line, there just haven't been a lot of surf days the past few weeks and I've had no luck with those days landing on a Saturday or Sunday. School teacher schedule isn't any fun when school's in session.

I did manage a few rides yesterday in Nantasket, but I could only handle the sub 20 degree temperatures for so long, riding gutless knee high rollers at less than 8mph. Lame. The right side of my face felt like I was at the dentist getting anesthesia. The conditions just did not warrant being that cold. That's probably why I was the only schlep out there. If I'm going to freeze, I want some head high, clean, long period stuff. I don't want to duckdive unless absolutely necessary. Too many duckdives in a row and I need to get out.

Next weekend's forecast is VERY promising. But I'll have to wait and see. Not getting my hopes up just yet. If things do hold, then it could be super fun up in Rye, NH on Saturday followed by a fun session at tasket on Sunday. With temps in the mid 30's, no wind and the sun out... well, that's almost spring weather! Fingers crossed.

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