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August Looking to End Strong

It's been a terrible summer for waves. We haven't broken the waist high barrier more than once or twice. But now it looks like August will end with a bang. Just in time for me to go back to work at Norwood High School. Thankfully this Fiona swell hits just in time before school starts. Stoked!

So far, August has been a little more productive than July. I've managed 30 waves to this point and I should get another 50 before September 1st if this forecasted swell lives up to hype. I'm currently at 252 waves for the year. My goal is 500. So I need to average 50 waves a month through December to make it happen. in 2015 I exceeded my goal of 365 waves by racking up 408. Stay tuned to see if I reach my goal this year!

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