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Throwback Thursday: Longboarding @ Matt's

I'm going to post a few old surfing edits from the 90s and 00s on the next few Thursdays this summer. So I hope you enjoy them.

First up is "Longboarding @ Matt's". It's basically every wave that I caught, in thirty minutes, on a small and glassy day in February 2001. The spot's behind Matt Depante's old house, close to Ocean Ave in Melbourne Beach. My girlfriend at the time shot the video. I edited with the very first version of Avid that was available for a computer. I had a souped up Power Mac 8100 with a composite video card. This video was shot on Super VHS and then compressed using Quicktime in order to stream on the internet BEFORE there was high-speed fiber cables. The music in the edit is a cover of Operation Ivy's Sound System, by a band named Buck-O-Nine. The video quality is poopoo.

I'm riding my 8'6 Swallowrocket, with the journey logos. I sold that board on craigslist in 2007 after a decade of racing walled up east coast close-outs. It was so good for that. The shape had a pulled in swallowtail that felt like a shortboard once you got going... and it got going quick. When the swell periods get too long, Florida just doesn't have the beaches to handle most angles, but this board got you in early and it took off like a rocket. I could make the drop, get a few maneuvers on the face, and get out the back before getting into trouble. The waves in this video are about as small as it gets, so the benefit here was the speed I could get to beat the closeouts or get some floaters on the sandbar. Enjoy.

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