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My Quiver - List


  • 6'2 x 21.5 x 2.75 40L Lost Puddle Jumper HP Round - Late Spring/Summer, waist-overhead, excels in chunkier beach break, gets you in nice and early. I ride it with MR Twin +1 fins, AU HP Tri Fins, or Mayhem Large Tri fins. Neutral Quad fins and templates with more rake work as well, but I prefer a center fin on this shape. Nantasket doesn't provide many days where this board becomes a great option. This would be a perfect daily driver if I still lived in South Florida with its punchy sandbar beach breaks.

  • 6'3 x 19.75 x 2.65 34.5L Lost V3 Shortboard Round - Travel board. Best in head+ surf, excels in more snappy conditions, knifey nose with a lot of tail kick. I ride it exclusively as a thruster with Large Mayhem fins, or Large FCS Carvers for more hold. This shape is trimmed down, lower volume, and needs a legit top-to-bottom wave to really light up.

  • 6'5 x 22 x 2.8 44L Lost Puddle Jumper HP - Winter, waist to slightly overhead, excels in clean down-the-line surf. This board goes really fast, especially as a quad. I ride Pancho Sullivan Futures up front and Noel Salas Surf-n-Show upright rear trailers. I also like the Futures Controller Quad Alphas for when it's super clean. You can draw some amazing buttery lines when the conditions are head high and glassy. Futures T1 Twin +1 fins work well for a skatey feel. The AU Hybrid series with the smaller center trailer fin feels pretty good also if you're simply determined to ride three fins with this shape. This Puddle Jumper HP is sized up for winter surfing... full-on 5mm and 6mm hooded suits, with thick boots and gloves. It's never too cold, so just go!



  • 5'4 (36L) Almond "Secret Menu" Soft Top - Summer, knee-chest high, excels in shore pound. Standard Quad Fins. Mini-Simmons shape, great for super small, and for kids.

  • 6'0 (43.5L) Pyzell "JJF AstroFish" Soft Top - Summer, waist-head high, excels in shore pound. I prefer Split Keel Quad Fins. This board has a lot of flex, turns better with a larger size fin.

  • 6'1 x 22.5 x 2.75 (43L) Lost "Hydra" PU/Poly - Year-Round, waist-head high, fast and squirty, excels in cleaner, racy waves. The Lost Split Keel Quads are the only fins worth using in this shape. I rarely choose this board for a surf. It basically sits there, brand new. Maybe when the Puddle Fish retires I'll get this Hydra in the water some more.

  • 6'2 x 20.75 x 3 (41.6L) Firewire "Mashup" HE - I have not ridden this board yet! I ordered one the day it became available in the USA. I bought it to use in late Spring/Summer in waist-overhead surf. My goal is to try and get a feel for riding Epoxy-based surfboards. As an older dude, it just makes sense. The flex pattern and floatation of an epoxy-based board can be a real advantage for an aging surfer when personal fitness and athleticism begin to subside. The simple explanation is that epoxies feel more floaty and give you more paddle power. The overall shape of this "new" model isn't that new, Gee Rainbow was making me his version more than 20 years ago. Stoked to get this board in the water this spring time.

  • 6'3 x 22.5 x 2.75 (43.5L) Lost "Puddle Fish" PU/Poly - Winter with Year-Round potential, knee-overhead, handles anything the east coast can throw at it, but excels in waist-chest high waves where more speed is needed to make the sections, and extra floatation to compensate for winter rubber. The Puddle Fish is fastest as a Quad or Twin. But every fin setup that I've ever thrown on it has worked. My favorite set ups are the MR Twin +1 and the Rob Machado Tri /Quad keel sets. This board is in fact a magic board in many respects. Its only drawback is a heavy glass job that makes it a bit of a tanker. It's not super snappy.

  • 6'4 x 21.75 x 2.75 (42L) Lost "Sword Fish" PU/Poly - Spring/Summer with winter potential, waist to overhead, handles most conditions, decent on the choppier days. Higher volume to compensate for colder conditions, but still on the lighter side compared to the Puddle Fish. The Sword Fish is best when paired with a 4/3 wetsuit, where you have a little more freedom than 5 and 6mm suits, but still have a fair amount of rubber bogging you down. Also a great "pool" board for some extra float in the chlorine. I ride it as a thruster mostly with FCS Performers, MR Twins +1, or the Rob Machado Tri Keels.

  • 7'2 Sharp Eye "Blow Fish" PU/Poly - Year-Round but mostly winter, knee to overhead with a ton of fin setups potentially from twins to thrusters and quads. Twin Keels +1 work really well too. I like this board in the winter for shorter period swells, when it gets big from the wind and I'm going to need to do some duck-diving or significant paddling. It's also really fast and won't slide out as a thruster on the biggest days. I've ridden this on lumpy point breaks in New Hampshire to thumping beach breaks in Cape Cod. It's a winter warrior for Nantasket Beach but it's a little bit on the older side now. The first generation FCS fin setup gives away its age, but I've got a great supply of keels and fins that make this stick work in a variety of conditions. This board likely has a forever home in my quiver. My favorite set-up is Simon Anderson thruster side fins up front with a True Ames Swallow Tail specialty fin in the center working as a trailer.

  • 7'6 VEC Single Cut Fun Shape PU/Poly - Year-Round, waist to overhead. This board likes bigger waves actually. It gets you in early, has a lot of hold, but also turns really nice. The radius for cutbacks is a lot tighter than you'd expect and you can go where a shortboard goes for the most part. The single fin gives it a stable but free feeling, almost all of the single fins I've thrown in it have felt pretty good, but I recently installed an AU single fin with that funky curl, and I haven't had a reason to take it out since. Nice lift and hold, but I haven't put that fin into any juice yet. This board held up to anything Costa Rica threw at it from a size range, using a 9 inch Rainbow Flex fin. This shape is a fucking Playa Guiones wave slayer. It also really shines at racy point breaks, like a few unnamed and photographed spots near my house in New England.



  • 9'0 Christenson "Bonneville" Single Fin Longboard PU/Poly

  • 9'2 Gee Rainbow "HP Pin Tail" Single Fin Longboard PU/Poly

  • 9'2 VEC "Longboard Performance Model" Quad Fin PU/Poly

  • 9'6 Christenson "Bandito" Single Fin Longboard PU/Poly


  • 6'1 x 21 x 2.75 (38.5L) Lost "V3 Round It" PU/Poly

  • 6'2 x 21 x 2.75 VEC "Crowd Control" HP Fish PU/Poly

  • 6'2 x 21 x 2.75 (37.8L) Firewire "Dominator 2.0" HE

  • 6'3 x 20.75 x 2.75 (39L) Lost "Round Up" PU/Poly

  • 6'4 x 20.75 x 2.65 (39L) Lost "Baby Buggy" PU/Poly


  • 6'2 x 21 x 2.5 Sharp Eye Disco PU/Poly

  • 6'4 x 19.5 x 2.25 Gee Rainbow "Jebshred Swallow Tail" PU/Poly

  • 6'4 x 21 x 2.75 Gee Rainbow "Single Fin Smurfboard" PU/Poly

  • 6'5 x 19.75 x 2.5 Sharp Eye Game Changer PU/Poly

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